Is Wealthy Affiliate Scamming People?

The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

The truth about Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is that, in spite of their weird name (lol) and the insane amount of good reviews about them online raising a warning flag for me when I originally researched them, it turns out that they are actually an awesome company that cares about their members (customers) and provides them with a valuable service, or rather, many valuable services.

If you already have your own online business and need to learn about SEO to drive free traffic to your website, or if you want to start your own online business, Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to learn the basics and then to learn the details. They even let you try it for a week for free without taking any credit card info. It’s a win-win that takes away the mystery of what it’s all about.


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scamming People? No.


Why the Crazy Headline?

So why did I use the sketchy headline about scamming people?

Here’s your first lesson from WA. If you want people to find your website, you need to research which phrases people search for the most, then selectively choose the best keyword phrases and write your articles around them.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scamming People? doesn’t get searched, but “Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam” sure does. Lots.

That phrase is lazy search engine English though, so it doesn’t have that much competition. I decided to use it in a longer phrase to see if it would bring in those lazy searchers with their lazy searches.

You made it! Congratulations! to both of us. I get an interested reader, and you get some solid advice about WA.


Hi, I’m Geoff. Creator of Online Income Ideas

Geoff the Creator

I’ve been with WA as a Premium member now for a year and I am very impressed with the training, the platform, and the community. And I have learned an incredible amount about SEO, search engine ranking and WordPress from their instructors.

Like any course or project, it depends on the amount of time and attention you put into it, so your results may be better than mine, but I started ranking for keywords on my first site after about three months and made some money soon after.

It’s in the last 6 months that I managed to leverage my new knowledge to make $3k in combined affiliate commissions and the sale of a website I created last June, based on the instruction I received at Wealthy Affiliate.


 I’ve Made Back Over Six Times my Investment

Work from a LaptopSo, I can say that being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has made me well over 6x what I have invested in it, and that’s with a slow start during the first few months as i didn’t have much time for it as I went through the courses.

There are other members at WA who have really mastered the affiliate marketing aspect of the Bootcamp training (I’ll explain it a bit below) and one of them posted in January about receiving over $4k from WA for the month of December. He started one year ago. Click here to see Eric’s post about it. He must have been thrilled.

This was probably partly due to his waiting a month for payouts on yearly memberships he sold during the Black Friday sale. But still, it shows you what is possible as an affiliate for the company. (He’s become a bit of a mentor for me now as I learn that area of the training.)

I had concentrated on other niches instead, but was very inspired by his success.

Imagine if I had mastered Bootcamp Training as well as what I did.

BOOM! It’d either be early retirement time. Or time to scale it up! Depends on my mood. ;^)

Think about this though, if you could pay under $400 now ($19 for an intro month + $359 for a year = $388) to build a website that could be making you $4,000 per month in a year, is that something you think you’d be interested in?

I for one am in the process of mastering Bootcamp Training.


The Core Concepts of the Coursework:

The courses cover lots of information in small chunks. The work takes you step-by-step through creating a website as an online business so you don’t miss anything important. The system even has little check boxes for each task so you can keep organized.

The very basic idea to it all though is as simple as this:


And each area is expanded on and explained clearly step by step from start to finish with both text lessons and video training.

Kyle, who is a co-owner and course instructor for WA does a good job of explaining how billions of people are online these days and and with the trust that Amazon has (along with many other companies) every person online becomes a potential customer.

He also shows you how almost all big companies have affiliate programs that you can join and then refer people to them through your website.

You get his help to choose a niche from what interests you, what can profit you well in sales and what has good commission rates.

Once you’ve chosen a niche he guides you through building the website. It’s actually fun and quite easy to get started.

Then he teaches you everything you need to know about creating content that is:

  1. Helpful to your readers,
  2. Uses proper SEO techniques for free traffic and
  3. Will sell the product by the bottom of the page.

Make sure to pick a niche that has all the qualities I mentioned above (interests you, sells well, good commissions) as you will be writing lots about it over the next few weeks and months.


No Upsells After You Join. Unbelievable but True

After you try the Free membership for a week (no credit card required) then take them up on a cheap month deal they’ll offer for $19. the best approach, provided that you like it. and I think you will if you have read this far, the best approach is to take them up on their annual deal at $359.

It’s about $30 a month or…a dollar a day. There are no other Wealthy Affiliate upsells once you pay.

They will try to soft sell you a keyword research tool called Jaaxy, but it’s not necessary. It is a great tool, but the free version you get included with a premium membership is all you’ll ever need. (Do not upgrade it until you are profiting and can understand it’s uses.)

Even the Live Webinars do not Upsell

After attending a few online webinars for other websites that end after a half lesson with an upsell, I find the true helpfulness of Jay’s Live Training Webinars to be refreshing. They are included in your membership. They are excellent, helpful webinars. No upsells.

Jay WA Live Video Training Instructor


Own Your Own Scalable Online Business. Just by Completing the Course

As a premium member you get to create your own scalable online business on their web hosting (up to 25 websites) with 24 hour support, free SSL certificates and a kick-ass community of helpful, like-minded people (running their own online businesses) to help get your comments rolling and give you some social media backlinks, answer questions, or to bounce ideas off of.

By the end of the course, provided you did the work, you will have a monetized website, in a niche that interests you, that is beginning to rank in the search engines and earning you money.

And you can apply the same knowledge to any other websites you have or build in the future. (Make sure that you choose a niche that has products you’ll feel good about recommending, that people buy often, and that have high commissions.)


Kyle WA Co-Owner and Course Instructor


Become an Affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate

Confused? If you like WA, they have a great affiliate program that pays you when you find them members.

And they teach you how.

You have the option of going through the WA “Bootcamp” training (no extra charges for this) which is a second whole course teaching you how to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

They have great commissions and you’ll see that it is a good business that helps people achieve their goals and to learn new skills, so it’s easy to recommend to others if they are looking for something like it.

I mentioned this earlier, but if you didn’t, make sure to check out Eric’s WA blog post about his most successful month in 2017 as an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Reviews


I’ve Been with Wealthy Affiliate a Year. There is no Scamming Going on.

Okay, I think you get my drift here. There is no scam going on at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you need services such as they are providing, they are an excellent choice to learn about SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing.

They are an excellent option for beginners to build and host secure websites on a solid platform with a great community.


Wealthy Affiliates Reviews



 By taking the Wealthy Affiliate courses:
  • You will build your own monetized WordPress website
  • You will gain the knowledge and access to build more websites
  • You will know how to use SEO to get people to your websites for free
  • You will understand the online business of affiliate marketing and you will be an affiliate marketer
  • You will own your own online business with your own website (or several)


Wealthy Affiliates Review


 As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member:
  • You’ll get up to 25 websites hosted with free security SSL certificates
  • You’ll get SEO and website training and you’ll have access to assistance when you are stuck
  • You have access to weekly live video training with Q & A’s and no up-sells at the end (imagine that!)
  • You’ll have 24/7 access to your website and the platform, support and community
  • You get two full courses plus archived live video classes
  • You have a comment system available to get your website some early traffic from WA members
  • You can search through years of articles written by the community about most issues that come up
  • You have access to the WA owners through private messaging
  • You get a personal mentor to help you. In this case, that’s me! And I love to help people with WordPress SEO.


Wealthy Affiliates Review



Wealthy Affiliate Membership has Value

There’s so much more to WA, but you get the idea.

There is lots of value packed into the membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Between that and their good commission rates on referrals, it makes for endless positive reviews for them online.

As I mentioned above, If you already have your own online business and need to learn about SEO to drive free traffic to your website, or if you want to start your own online business, Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to learn the basics and then to learn the details.

Even if you don’t know what you want your business to be about, the training will guide you how to figure out the best option for a niche website that you’ll enjoy profiting from.


Try the Free Training at No Risk to You

I encourage you to try out the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It gives you 7 days access to most of  the Premium features so you can get a good idea about the platform and know for sure that you want to be a member.

As a free member you get 2 free websites, 10 free lessons, and access to the community live chat and forums for 7 days.

Either way though, the week of free premium training can’t be beat and you can keep your free sites to learn with for as long as you want to.

If you are still reading this, you want to try it. I think you should. You know what to do.

I wish you ease, happiness, and success! I look forward to seeing you inside! Be sure to message me on my profile.